Early introduction to the dentist has been shown, to not only to eliminate fears but, to reduce the risk of dental caries in later life and to promote the importance of a good oral hygiene regime.

Holland Park Dental Centre is a well established, CQC approved practice dedicated to the highest standard of patient care, and it boasts many specialists including an orthodontist and dentists with special interest in paediatric dentistry.


NHS data obtained by the faculty of dental surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) shows there were 9,206 extractions aged four and under in 2015-16 compared with 7,444 in 2006-07 – that’s a 24% rise.

The RCS figures also show more than 34,000 extractions were performed on children aged nine and under in each of the past two years, compared with 27,760 in 2005-06.

Early dental screening will identify if there is a need for any particular attention. The short session will examine your child’s dentition for the presence of dental decay, the need for fluoride application and fissure sealants and any further dental treatment required.

At Holland Park, our approach with all our patients is kind, gentle and friendly but we know this is especially important with children. Together we are creating habits and experiences they will remember for a lifetime.

We look forward to meeting you and your little one and working together to promote life-long excellent oral health.

Figures correct as of July 2017


Go bananas- Bananas are a sweet treat which are much kinder to teeth than sweets



Cheese is packed with calcium for healthy teeth and bones


Regularly replace your toothbrush to keep it and your teeth and gums clean and healthy!



Strawberries are less acidic than other fruit so are kinder to teeth and taste delicious too



Carrots and celery are great for dipping and actually help clean your teeth after a meal!



On a hot day switch fizzy drinks and sugary juices for water and natural milkshakes which are kinder to teeth


Brush those teeth twice a day to keep bacteria away

Dr. Shan Lam has been our dentist for more than thirteen years, and she has seen all of my three boys on a regular basis. Without her very early interventions and support, we would be looking at mouths full of fillings. She is professional, experienced and incredibly thorough. I cannot rate Dr. Lam’s professionalism and dental care enough.

Ms. Julie W

I have been a real ‘dentist phobe’ since I attended the school dentist over 50 years ago. I have found in Dr. Shan Lam a dentist who I can fully trust, who explains every procedure in detail and who gives me the confidence to have dental treatment. She has a real calming effect – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mrs. Linda H

Thank you to Dr. Shan Lam for the many years during which she has looked after my dental needs. She has always been so helpful and professional, and is an outstanding communicator—a trait not common among health care professionals. I can’t remember ever experiencing any pain or difficulties with any treatment she provided.

Mr. Stefan B

In the past, I had some awful experiences at the dentist, and I came to Dr. Shan Lam in 2008 to correct some visibly poor cosmetic dentistry work that I had received elsewhere. I was not disappointed: Not only is her treatment comfortable, but the results are also first class. We face the world with our smile, which is why not only my smile has improved but my mental health, too.

Mrs. Anne E

My husband and I have very much appreciated being treated by Dr. Shan Lam. We are both in our nineties and over the years have been treated by a large number of dental surgeons. Dr. Lam compares very well with the best of them.

Prof. Ivor S and Mrs. Audrey S

Thank you to Dr. Shan Lam for taking such good care of me and my teeth over the years. She has made going to the dentist a pleasure. I’m sure not many people can say that about a visit to a dentist, but I am certain all of her patients feel the same.

Mr. Clive B

Dr. Shan Lam has been the dentist for me and my family for over ten years. We have been very impressed with her efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. She is very reassuring to the children, who actually look forward to their visits. We feel very lucky to have been looked after by Dr. Lam.

Ms. Yunfei G

I have been under the care of Dr. Shan Lam for over six years. She’s fantastic. She turned what can often be an intimidating experience into a warm, caring, safe and professional one. I always felt well looked after and I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family.

Mr. Peter W

Dr. Lam has made it a pleasure to visit the dentist for my family and I. She is always friendly and welcoming and easy to talk to. She explains what she is doing and why and gives good advice about dental care. She is a definite asset to any surgery.

Mrs. Lorna C

Thank you to Dr. Lam for her friendly, smiley treatment over the past years. I am so grateful to her for ensuring that my children’s first experience of going to the dentist has been so positive and fun. We will genuinely miss her.

Ms. Miranda G

Thank you so much to Dr. Lam for her skills and artistry – and also for her patience and good humour in the face of that worst-of-all world’s combination for a dentist – a patient with lousy teeth and a phobia of dentists! Dr. Lam has gone a long way to give me back my missing confidence in dentistry.

Dr. Clare V